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Instructor Task Date A content management system is a beneficial tool A content management system is a beneficial tool that allows for modification of content and control from a core interface. Sitefinity offers different solutions that relate to content management and e-commerce. Technology is a phenomenon that necessitates proper storage of information and efficient transactions. Sitefinity tools provide emerging and established businesses with systems of managing content on their sites. It is crucial to highlight that Sitefinity tools help businesses create effective online stores. It utilizes a simple procedure that enables the affordability of such sites. The stores possess adequate simplicity of tracking sales and responding to customers. This tool allows the owner to drag and drop widgets into a site in order to articulate the proper outlook. The site enables widgets for shopping cart, product list, and checkout provisions. The Sitefinity tool ensures the safety of the store by providing usernames and passwords as the only keys for accessing an established site. This is an integrated system that permits a site owner to personalize a store according to the specification of a

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