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A Contrast And Comparison Essay On This Is Our Youth And All American Poem It should be known that in every text there is a message that is extremely vital. This is because it has the ability of portraying information that needs to be known by its readers. Communication is considered being the most essential aspect of any text, whether it is in poems or plays. Some of the most common methods of portraying texts are through language, characterization, and tone, among others. The play by Lonergan, and the poem by Dickman, is a way through which communication takes place. The key themes that are present in Dickmans and Lonergans poem and play respectively are the elements, which affect young people as they progress into adulthood. The latter includes Sexual liaison, theft and drug use, among many others. This paper seeks to give an analysis on the differences and similarities of the major themes in Lonergans and Dickmans works. Analysis of major themes in This is our Youth and All American poem Dickman and Lonergan seem to believe that in the United States, life is often difficult for the youth as they try and transit into adulthood. This is because they are faced with many challe

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