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Course Business Management Institution xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tutor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2012 Research Topic A critical analysis between the Class II Medical Device Markets in Germany and Canada Declaration I hereby declare that this dissertation proposal is as a result of my personal effort and has never been handed in before by any person, group of persons or organization for any assessment. Name .. Sign Date . Acknowledgement I hereby wish to thank the following persons for their assistance and input towards the completion of this work Many thanks go to those individuals and organizations that in one way or another made my research a success. Many thanks to go to my supervisor for the invaluable support and consultations he accorded me. My family members cant go unmentioned for the material and moral support they accorded me during the entire period I was working on this proposal. My fellow college mates and work mates also did recommendable job with the important ideas, advice and information shared across the divide thus making my research easier and of good content, many happy returns to all of you. I have to acknowledge all the authors, researchers and even practioneers in the medi

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