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Euthanasia, a Moral Issue Name Institutional Affiliation A critical analysis of Gay-Williams article EUTHANASIA, A MORAL ISSUE Moral Theory Williams articulates his assertions citing his arguments from the laws of nature. This argument is centered on the idea that killing ourselves is immoral, therefore, in the same vein a physician killing is also immoral (Munson, 1979). This is because, according to William, in violation of the natural impulse for self-preservation is, thus, against human nature. Coupled with this theory, are very crucial ethical principles of bioethics, which as autonomy, no maleficence, beneficence, and justice (Munson, 1979). The principle of autonomy clearly advances the notion that any rational person is and should be self-determining and able to make own decisions (Munson, 1979). This is in contrast with paternalism, where medical practitioners make decisions that are independent of the patient and his family. On the other hand, Williams agrees to the need for autonomy, which in many instances may not be absolute (Munson, 1979). Essentially, patients need to respect the integrity of medical professions and their ability to refute irrational wishes for unsui

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