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A Critical Analysis Of The Claim That Healthy Image Issues Are Not Brought About When Young Girls And Toddlers Participate In Pageants The claim I will present at the end of my opening paragraph isthat pageants for toddlers and young girls, do not create a healthy body image. In order to ensure that tourism levels in the United States progressed, the idea of beauty pageants came up. This initiative started in the year 1921, and up to date, many pageants for children are taking place all over the country. Parents are making their young toddlers and especially girls, to participate in beauty pageants. Most of them engage in this act, despite their children not being willing and even ignoring the impact, which it might have to the toddlers in the future (Neumark-Sztainer Paxton Hannon Haines, 2006. 244). This paper seeks to give a critical analysis of the claim that healthy image issues are not brought about when young girls and toddlers participate in pageants. Critical analysis on the impact of pageants on young girls and toddlers in terms of health and body issues created My first supporting statement issexualization is experienced by the young girls and toddlers as a result o

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