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References 4 Type Essay Critical Appraisal Of A Review Article, Saunders And Wong (2011) Pension Adequacy And Pension Review Introduction The Australian pension package has been available for decades and primarily supports senior citizens, disabled persons and carers. In 2008, an opposition leader to the Australian government called Brendan Nelson created awareness that payments made by the Pensions package were inadequate. This prompted the Minister of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Dr. Jenny Macklin to address the issue. Dr. Macklin appointed the ministrys secretary called Dr. Jeff Harmer to review the pension package in 2008. The report dubbed the Harmer Pension Review was released in February 2009. The review critically assessed three main areas of the Pensions policy namely age pension, carer payment and disability support pension. The Australian Government used the pension review findings to amend its Pensions package. This essay critically appraises the review Saunders and Wong (2011) article Pension Adequacy and the Pension Review. The essay will provide an account of the pension review as well the policy issue that is discussed in the revie

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