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A Critical Reflection on Adult Learning Name Professor Institution Course Date My View of Adult Learning Prior to This Course My perception on adult learning before this course was somewhat meager as I viewed it in terms of social, economic and political aspects alone. Though I understood that the nature of the society at any time determines the relative emphasis placed on adult learning, I had little notion of the fact that the urgency of dealing with diverse social realties is felt by adults. My view was consistent with aspects such as technological advancements and their effect on adult education. I believed that adult education is responsive to the context in which it takes place. For instance, adult education courses ought to be designed to enable people to function effectively in the current digital environment. I had significant knowledge of the need for adult education and responding to it by promoting it through understanding the key socio-cultural contexts in which adult education occurs. I perceived the changing demographics as a social reality shaping the provision of learning in contemporary adult education. In most developed nations such as the U.S, the adults out

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