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A critical reflection on my development of skills this semester Name Institution Course Date 1 A review of my timetable The following chat shows is an extraction from my person weekly timetable showing the time spend in class (19 hours), private study (24 hours), work (include childcare/household duties) (13 hours), food preparation (13 hours), personal hygiene (7 hours) and leisure/socialising (72 hours). Figure 1.1 In class I normally take around 19 hours in class. This is between 12 noon and 6pm on Tuesday, 11am and 4pm on Wednesday and from 9am to 1 pm on Thursday. This represents nearly 11 if my weekly time. The 19 hours spent with a tutor allows for more time to apply the learned skills in real life. The extra time is also used for practice and further research on a given topic. Scheduling class time from Wednesday to Thursday is important since it allows me with my family and time to do house chores. Private study I spend more time in private study compared to classroom time. I use 26 hours which translates to 14 of my weekly time. I study for averagely three hours per day. Self-study allows me time to research on my own and compare various scholars assertions and f

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