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This paper gives a critical review of knowing when to doubt developing a 200 pages article that was written by Mills Candice. In this article, the author tries to give an in-depth coverage of human traits and how it can be fruitfully used in the day-to-day interactions. In doing this, a lot of references will be made on Stephen Coveys Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Antonakis, J. et al., 2004). Here, Covey presents the work of his research in which he explores particular behaviors which determine individuals competencies, interactions and leadership capabilities. Discussion Human being is a leader by nature. Despite this, not all people can make good and competent leaders. It is incumbent upon people to ensure that they act in a way which can put them in a better position of expressing control over others. As we all understand, it is not a good thing just to be a leader. However, it is good for leader to ensure that they plan well and do all that it takes to be overboard to stand a better chance of influencing others (McGrath, J. E. (2002). In this regard, I would like to agree with Covey that this does not merely rely on the fact that one has a position, but on

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