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(Name) (University) (Instructor) (Course) (Date) ABSTRACT This paper presents a critique view on the article organization goals and priorities and the job satisfaction of the United States journalists. The article presents a research carried out to investigate the impact of organization goals prioritization on the job satisfaction of the employees. The research was governed by the objective of determining the factors associated with job satisfaction of the employees. The study employed American journalist data collected in a sequence of ten years since 1971. In addition, scholarly survey data was employed in the research. The research established that job satisfaction is a key element for better performance of an organization. Nevertheless, prioritization of organization goals and job satisfaction had a negative correlation. Topic of the Article The topic of the article is very crucial in the conceptualization and understanding of an organization behavior management and the advancement of organization effectiveness in UAE. The article addresses the issue of organizations priorities in their goals and job satisfaction of the United States (U.S) journalist. It is very evident that, a

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