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There are many times when my dog Rocky does extremely remarkable things, which surprise me. I often wonder what happens during an ordinary day for a dog like mine. When Rocky wakes up in the morning, he wonders why our family has to go to a table, in order to have breakfast. He wonders why everyone has to be seated and eat using cutlery and other utensils. On the other hand, Rocky just uses his mouth without the need to use anything fancy. Rocky usually wanders why there are many large rooms in the house and each has its owner. This makes him feel less inferior as he lives in a kennel, which is small as compared to the rooms. Furthermore, everyone seems to hide in their rooms and only come out when it is time to eat. Rocky is fascinated by how humans chose to hide in the safety of the rooms. My room has a cage, which contains a parrot, and it often talks to everyone who enters the room. Rocky thinks that I am cruel as I have locked a bird, which should be free, like the rest on the trees. Most times, it even barks when it hears Rocky making the same sound. Rocky believes that he is extremely lucky not to be locked up like the parrot. It seems that he is special to this family, and

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