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At times things happen in life in which we have no control over them but only God, the almighty father is at a point of explaining to us why things happen in this extraordinary way. It is so unfortunate that we were born with dark complexion in our family.

It was during holiday of April we had closed from school. My two sisters and I were happy since we missed each other in a period of three months. My father who stays abroad invited us to pay him a visit so that we come back home as early as schools would open to continue with our learning process.

Our journey to Yugoslavia was an interesting one after our lovely mother had seen us off at the airport. We landed exactly at 12hours at the sulfa airport where our father was waiting for us. In the house, we had to sleep to compensate for the long and tireless journey. The following day our father took us to where he worked as a lawyer and he introduced us to his learned friends. The day was fantastic indeed.

Consequently we stayed in the house so that we can revise and work on assignments given from our school. After thorough readings the whole day, we decided to walk one day around so that to refresh ourselves. One day we met young kids playing volleyball in one of the pitches near where our father stayed.

We went near them in anticipation of joining them. Surprisingly enough, these kids was astonished upon seeing us. One of them asked us I remember,’’ You kids, why can’t you join your friends on top of the trees?’’.

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