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October 4, 2013 A Debate about Choosing the Best Education Method What does it mean to be a well-educated person And what does it take The question about the best method to educate individuals has been at the center of intellectual debate for several decades. Commonly, scholars who review this field focus on the already existing methods of delivering education as they propose changes that would be made to eliminate drawbacks and enhance the strengths of such systems. Yet, this remains one of the most challenging points in determining educational curriculum. This is because societies are characterized by diversity and retain differences in preference in terms of educational and intellectual transfer. Thus, it is not easily possible to achieve a universally accepted and acclaimed system of education. At the same time, there are a number of elements that remain acceptable as academically stimulating and intellectually important. It is for these reasons that Paulo Freire contrasts the banking concept and the problem-posing concept of educational delivery. From his presentations, the banking concept of education is oppressive and retrogressive. On the other hand, the problem posing con

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