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Name of Author Institutional Affiliation A Description of the Formation of the Rainbow Historically, Aristotle (the classical Greek philosopher) was the first person to devote much effort in studying the rainbow. Despite its appeal to the Pythagorean numerology, his qualitative explanation of the rainbow was relatively consistent and remained unchallenged for centuries. It was not until his death that more scientific theories about the rainbow got formulated. The early scientific explanation coined by Hseyin Topdemir Gazi, the Persian physicist, asserted that a rainbow is a concentric circle that forms on the axis of concave mirrors. His theory was founded on the refraction and reflection of the sun rays. A number of modern scientists relied on these two scientific principles in advancing the rainbow formation experiments. This research focuses on the dispersion, refraction, and reflection of light as the primary processes involved in the formation of the rainbow. The rainbow is a multi-colored spectrum of light meteorological and optical phenomenon caused by refraction and reflection of light rays in water droplets. The formation of the rainbow takes place in seven stages. In th

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