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Introduction A designer, a person who many people look upon to invent for them what to wear, we are the people in charge of making one to look smart. We invent put our creative brains to work to find the appropriate design solutions to common queries. These queries sometimes include what is the best way to eloquent a certain brand, how to impress a particular group, or how to sell our ideas across the borders and cultural boundaries but sometimes it is just a matter of how much our design will make for us once they sold. Each of the above problems has its own unique way of being solved, but we have to admit they are all geared to worthy cause of making money on part of the designer and a satisfied client on the other end just as in any other field of life there are bigger problems apart from the designs and the consumers Although as designers some of us work with ourselves in mind, others also work with the interests of our client in mind, others still work with both our own and also the clients interest in mind, no matter where our motivation comes from in this profession our work will eventually cross paths with the whole society so whenever we do our work it is for the good of

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