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Name Professor Class Date Performing arts A Dictators Guide to Rigging Elections Lessons Learned from Zimbabwes Puppet Master written by Jenai Cox Senior Program Officer, Africa Synopsis of the article This article was written by Jenai Cox a Senior Program Officer, of Freedom House an independent American based human rights watchdog with its offices in Zimbabwe. The article is about President Robert Mugabes rigging styles. It gives a preview of seven stages that the despot president capitalized on to win the 2013 elections in spite of the fact that he was very unpopular with the electorate (Cox Web). An Outline of the Articles Main Points The article asserts that President Robert Mugabe perfected seven ways in which he rigged the 2013 elections to maintain his three decades strong hold on power. These are Beginning the election fraud early in advance, permitting shallow democratic reforms while keeping party bigwigs out of the negotiating table, Managing the state broadcasting stations, Heaping the courts with political appointees to uphold his constitutional decisions, Controlling the electoral commission to ensure that his win though rigged is believable, steering clear of viol

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