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A domain name Due to the advancement of technology more and more firms are turning on the websites to look for information as well as sell their services to potential clients. As a result of that more and more websites are being put up every day to help such businesses to venture into the global site. Various websites offer different services, some have become well known while others are still struggling to make a breakthrough (Shi, 2003).

A domain name can be referred to as “a case-insensitive string of letters, numbers, and hyphens that is used to define the location of a website”. The domain names act as pointers to different IP addresses (Gil, 2013). Normally the domain names are arranged in a hierarchy with generic name usually placed on the right (Websites. 2005). A big number of website domain names usually start with “www”, the reason for that is because they were put on the World Wide Web for their various firms (Lang, 2003). It should however be noted that a firm can have some other domain names that are not necessarily websites such as email servers (Claxton, 2008). Domain names are usually divided into three sections usually separated by periods, the first part comprises of the site name, second part company name and finally the third part is made up of the domain name (com) (Potts, 2007).

Research methodology and design

So as to be able to carry out my research on the best websites that I would recommend as a source for data warehousing/business intelligence research concerning best practices of design, development & implementation of data warehouse, I had to visit different web sites. From the different websites I was able to look at the services provided and was able to compare them, some websites were even comparing the different services offered by the Domains. I also had to find out why some websites had vey many people logging onto it while others had very few people (McManus, 2001).


Some of the web sites that I considered as good enough and among the top ten were the ones such as Altis consulting,,,, www.,,,, , . All the firms had some common similarity, but others had an edge over the type of service and regular updates that were meant to help the clients (Abrams, 2006). Some of the firm offered customized services to fit the diverse needs of the clients (Websites. 2002) . The difference came in the type of information that one could get from some of the web sites, some had scanty information thus could not be relied on entirely (Berkman, 2004).


Using the most appropriate website can have a significant effect, the presence of very many websites give a diverse options of choosing the best website that can fulfill the needs of a firm, the number of people logging onto a website does not necessarily mean that the website is either good or bad. A website may have few visitors or people who log onto hit by it may be very good another site may have plenty of people logging onto it but it may not be the best. It is advisable to first look at the contents of a website before making a conclusion as many small websites are known to have very good information. The well known firms also started small and eventually made it and became big names.


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