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A Feminist Communicology Of Organization


 Gender is a central constitutive quality of organizations which investigates the complex relationship between gender and working organization and is referred to reworking gender. The main reason for this study is to provide a framework for a communicative interpretation of human categorizing processes, as well as distinguishing those procedures take on character mostly within a diachronic, dialectical and substantially grounded set of principles (Ashcraft & Mumby, 2004).

Communication composes organizing as well as recognizes that the procedure disclose within a specific professional life and work. These grounded principles include; a feminist postmodern account of subjectivity; a dialectical of power and resistance; a historical context and a conception of discursive and material practices as mutually constitutive. For this study to investigate on issues of discourse, power, identity and organization the structure must include the approaches of both modernist and postmodernist theory (Ashcraft & Mumby, 2004).

Feminism maintains a commitment to communal transformation and supports justification that are materially and historically grounded. Feminism’s concentrates in voice, doubt of common knowledge claims, and debates over vitalized ideas of ‘woman’ parallel definite postmodern anxieties. Positioned within modernism whilst lasting significant of it, feminism is the best direction for mediating and navigating the anxieties between modernist and postmodernist logic. Conception of the relationship between modernist and postmodernist is build on the dialectic tension while power is measured at micro and macro levels as a procedure of subject.


Discourse is deliberation in connection to a material world created by historically-specific political economic forces. The feminist communicological method can be used in a case study that outlines the historical building of the airline pilot as a masculinized specialized individuality.


Ashcraft, K., & Mumby, D. K. (2004). Reworking gender: A feminist communicology of organization. (Pp. 169-190). United States of America: Sage publications.

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