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Course Tutors Name Date A Gesture Life A Gesture life is a rare, almost perfect novel that provides such an eloquent insight into the nature of human relationships and which is delivered in the most elegantly restrained pieces of fiction. The entire narrative is told by the first person narrator Doc Hata and comprises of flashbacks and other writing styles, which completes the artistic work done by Chang Rae Lee. The novel is not only about the imminent acquaintance got from Doc Hata as an immigrant from an Asian motherland but also his past, especially the experiences he made during the war that presently influences his actions. The issue of self-knowledge and genuine emotional connection influences Hata to make a whole life out of gestures and politeness. Hata seems to be haunted by his past on the inside but he lives a life of gestures trying to gain a good reputation in the eyes of his people. Hata does not show an elevated level of appreciation for his close friends although at some point, three different women who were Sunny, K, and Mary Burns changed his life. Hata was a very introverted individual and this character of his was realized through these three women. Hata, as Su

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