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However, the path to becoming a teacher was an easy one. The decision to become a teacher was almost crushed. My parents did not give me much of a chance to become what I wanted to be after college. At that point in life, I felt that I was denied the chance to fulfill my dream. I had already chosen to further my studies and take to Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). On the contrary, I was forced to take science stream at a matriculation college. To my parents, and the society in general, science stream is by far the most important and superior of all other subjects. As a result, I got enough marks to secure a place in the university. At university level, my matriculation results denied me a chance to take TESL as a course. Fortunately, I managed to pull my self together in my second semester. I decided to improve on the course I was doing so that I would improve on my grade and from then on get above 3.0 each semester. Despite all these hurdles, I did not give up my dream of pursuing teaching as a career. In my fourth semester, I went to appeal to the Academic Department for a course change from Bachelor of English to a Bachelor of Education. However, I received a lette

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