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Ethical living is the development of the right attitude that influences ideas and decision making processes in accordance with ethics and moral values. Ethical living is particularly concerned with maintaining the right principles in regard to environmental cases, consumerism, and animal welfare. Presently it is more of a personal initiative rather than an organized social movement. Ethical living is a development of sustainable living where an individual starts by taking a series of small lifestyle changes with the aim of reducing their general effect on the environment. Deciding to start living ethically is as easy as beginning to switch off electric lights or plugging off electrical appliances like the television when leaving a room, recycling products that do not decompose like paper bags, using public means of transport rather than personal vehicles, and even using environment friendly modes of transport for example a bicycle. It may also involve buying local organic produce and even going a step further to re-use waste water. With the popularity of ethical living gaining momentum, various environmental movements propose that the duty of ethical practice be enforced on large b

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