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Overview The main public health problem in India is environmental hygiene. A recent survey conducted on environmental hygiene in India showed that, there is poor management of sanitations. This raised the importance of highlighting control approaches on environmental sanitation. The control of sanitation is a great challenge to the appropriate economical interventions, which associates with the environmental hygiene in India. This article discusses various approaches to the environmental hygiene in India. It also discusses on Healthy People 2020 that offers an outline for prevention for the country. The study Identifies specific threat in India. The paper also focuses on the specific health behaviours that are targeted to improve the sanitation in India. Introduction A healthy community should consider hygiene and clean environment. Environmental sanitation promotes the health of the people by offering clean surroundings and eradicating diseases. There are various factors related to environmental hygiene. They involves, the available resources, the peoples hygiene, inventive and suitable technologies according to the condition of the people, the countrys socioeconomic growth, go

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