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Case Study This paper presents a case study analysis of a Sam and Johns case study. Specifically the paper seeks to identify some of the arguments presented in the case study with relation to the issues identified, rules of contract and their application. Facts Sam and John decide to open a lawn care service company aimed at assisting their neighbors in cutting grass. They draw up a contract which clearly states that they will charge each client 20 a week for their services. Subsequently, the two business partners soon get clients from the neighborhood and they purchase a new lawn mower, which they use to provide services to their clients. Just as the business is beginning to pick up, the business faces various setbacks, which cause a legal issue for the business. At the outset one of the clients, the Johnsons, lose their jobs, and they are unable to continue paying for the lawn mowing services. Based on the specifications of the contract, Sam and John continue servicing these clients at a weekly charge. Secondly, during a break from work at the Smiths Sam leaves his Lawn Mower on and a neighborhood boy pushes it over, thus destroying Smiths flowerbed and screen porch. After these

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