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A learning environment with a different smell

A different smell … that is right. In fact, everything about this environment is different from the conventional learning environments. Right from the height, the length, the width, and (you guessed right), the weight. It is an Apple MacBook Air (11.6 inch). With a small size, sleek design and light weight, the Apple laptop makes for a full learning environment. It is 0.68 inches at the back, while its front has been narrowed down to a negligible eleven-hundredths of an inch. Most of the computer’s exterior sticks out, thanks to its void nature. Its front incorporates an indent that has been cut out from the bottom lip providing a spot where one can open the screen. It is noteworthy that the screen of MacBook 11.6 can be lifted up easily with one finger. One notable thing about the machine is that, its bottom and rear are pretty featureless. Its bottom incorporates four plastic bumpers, which essentially lifts the machine from the work surface. Its bottom also incorporates five-lobed Torx Screws, which are tempting enough for individuals who would be courageous enough to void their warranties.

On opening up the MacBook Air (11.6 inches), there is a typical laptop sight, which essentially incorporates individual black keys that stick out through the perfectly-cut holes on the case made of aluminum. It is noteworthy that its keyboard does not incorporate back-light, which makes it easy for low-light computing. The keyboard also makes typing easy, which comes in handy during online chats and even doing the exams.

MacBook Air’s trackpad is somewhat large, a feature that has been amplified by the machine’s minute figure making it quite impressive. A trackpad, also known as touchpad, refers to a pointing device that incorporates a tactile sensor. The sensor is a specialized surface that is capable of translating the position and motion of one’s finger to the relative position on the machine’s screen. The large trackpad in the MacBook Air incorporates a number of buttons, which aids in complementing the ease of use. This trackpad aids in the usage of the machine during learning as one can flip through the notes quickly and easily. Notably lacking in the MacBook Air are in-built optical drives, while the eject button has been replaced by power button. This, however, resembles any other key on the machine’s keyboard. As much as the keyboard may show considerable flexibility if pressed, one would not have to worry about it even when he is a heavy typist. In addition, as much as the power button resembles every other button in the keyboard, powering-off the laptop is not a problem since the machine sleeps remarkably quickly.

The MacBook Air incorporates an impressive display or screen that boasts of superb horizontal viewing as well as ordinary vertical ones. One notable feature of the learning environment is its impressive resolution of 1366×768, and the contrast that comes with a typical contrast ratio of 755:1 with minimum backlight and 696:1 with full backlight. The machine’s display is glossy, making it an impressive compromise between glossy screens that may look like annoying mirrors and matte screens that can mix colors. In addition, the laptop’s display uniquely lacks glass, which essentially shaves off the machine’s weight. The weight of the machine is further reduced by the edge – to – edge black-bordered display which has been replaced with aluminum. Nevertheless, its attractiveness has not been compromised or limited in any way. This is especially due to the incorporation of the antiglare screen. The laptop incorporates functional speakers, but relatively scarce bass. However, while the speakers make communication pretty listenable, external speakers or even headphones could serve the machine in a better way than the in-built speakers. However, one would appreciate that the inbuilt speakers can get quite loud, which aids in communicating with lecturers in e-learning especially when one needs to consult on a certain issue.

It is fortunate that the MacBook Air fully supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The incorporated Bluetooth allows for quick transfer and sharing of data between two machines, in which case notes and other reading materials would be easily shared. Wi-Fi technology, or Wireless Fidelity in full, refers to a popular technology that enhances the wireless exchange of data by electronic devices over computer networks. The technology, therefore, enhances access of data and reading material from online libraries and other resourceful websites, thereby enhancing learning. In addition, varied inputs are showcased on the sides of the laptop. There is a USB 2.0 port situated on the left and the right side of the machine, a mini-DisplayPort port, remote-control jack, in-built microphone and combo headphones. Coupled with the Wi-Fi internet connectivity, the combo headphones and in-built microphones would enhance communication with lecturers and online chats. In essence, it would be possible to ask lecturers for clarification on issues that may not be clear such as requirements and submission of assignments, as well explanations on complex issues in the notes. Responses would be instantaneous just like a one-on-one or verbal communication, as long as there is sufficient internet connectivity. With the 68 GB hard disk capacity, the storage of notes and other learning materials would not be much of a problem. Surely, the learning environment provided by the laptop comes with an entirely different smell.

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