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A Letter Addressing Nursing Challenge If Medicaid Cuts Are Implemented

(Your Names),

Hospital Nurses Representative,

St. Louis University Hospital,

3635 Vista At Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63110.

27th June 2011.

To Rep. Carnahan Russ,

The US Representative for M03,

MO House of Representatives, 201 West Capitol Avenue,Room 406A,Jefferson City MO 65101. 

Dear Sir/ Madam

RE: Nursing Challenge If Medicaid Cuts Are Implemented

My name is (insert your names as in address above) and a leader in the Nurses Association at the St. Louis University Hospital, one of the major healthcare facilities that serve the 3rd Congressional District of Missouri and the state in general. I am the Associations’ Public Relations Representatives and communication with third parties on behalf of the Association falls under my docket. It is my responsibility to reach out to the public and other official partners to relay the intended communication, after consultations during our meetings. The aim of this letter is to reach to the office of the US Representative to highlight the plight of the Nurses Association with regard to the proposed Medicaid budgetary cuts in the 2011-2012 budgetary allocations. Specific challenges presented to the nursing service provision in the 3rd Congressional District of Missouri are the focus of the letter, which form the basis of our petition for political intervention from the US Representative’s office (, 1).

Healthcare provision in the 3rd Congressional District of Missouri, the entire state and indeed the whole country heavily relies on the medical provision plan outlined in the Medicaid program. A significant proportion of the population (over 10 per cent) of people in St. Louis County in which the University Hospital that we work with is situated is covered by the Medicaid program. The coverage has been below satisfaction under the current funding provision. The point of our concern is presented by the proposal by the Republican Party at the US Congress to reduce budgetary allocation for the program even under the realization of the fact that current funding is insufficient. Many citizens in the State of Missouri will be exposed to the several healthcare challenges and risks that the Republican-proposed cuts occasion to the program. In order to clarify our petition for political intervention at the US Congress, I will highlight the specific challenges as will be faced by various citizen groups thereby affecting dispensation of our mandate in healthcare provision.

Senior citizens covered by the Medicaid program in the 3rd Congressional District of Missouri are more than 11,000 individuals who will face the blunt of a healthcare system with insufficient funding upon the cuts (, 2). It will be difficult for the 1,800 nursing homes across the 3rd Congressional District to handle the population of seniors who rely on Medicaid as well as people with disabilities served in the homes. In addition, infants and children covered by Medicaid who are beyond the 62000 mark and reduction in the funding for the program places these young people at serious healthcare risk. Alternatively, a significant number of hospitals and healthcare facilities in the district are funded by the program, which implies that some of their important healthcare programs will be affected if reductions are implemented. St. Louis University Hospital for instance handles numerous emergency room visits which cannot be conducted comprehensively without cooperation with other facilities that require funding. Reducing such funding not only presents a serious threat to healthcare but also poses a challenge to the St. Louis University Hospital which will eventually be overwhelmed by such healthcare needs. Hospital visits covered by Medicaid is materially significant to the healthcare industry in the district at 8 percent and reduction in funding poses a huge challenge. Finally, the economy stands to lose heavily over the proposed period of Medicaid cuts. It is important that funding is increased rather than reduced due to the negative impact that these healthcare elements stand to experience.

In conclusion, it is our hope that these negative impacts are stopped at the floor of the US Congress with an analysis of such impacts pointing at difficult times ahead for our district. Our petition does not only touch on the healthcare sector but directly points at the development agenda that the 3rd Congressional District has. Your assistance in opposing these challenges is therefore sought in a very timely juncture for the good of our district. Our hope is mainly built on your record to support the plight of humans suffering under difficult but avoidable circumstances.

Yours Sincerely,

(Insert your names as in the address)

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