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Water Polo



Date: December 12, 2014.

To: Parents


Re: Water Polo Games for Children


Dear Parents,

Water Polo is a game that combines soccer, hockey, basketball, and rugby, and that is played in a deep pool of water. It is a game that demands a lot from a human body, thus ensuring that there are heath benefits that stem from the match. Water polo is a very demanding physical sport that strengthens the cardiovascular system and also increases the stamina of the body. In young people of both sexes, this is a very crucial game towards their healthy growth and development.

This game is essential for the health of young boys and girls because it promotes endurance. The players usually swim approximately 4 miles each game without touching the bottom or the sides of the pool. This ensures that he players burn at least 700 calories per hour. Additionally, this game enhances the strength of the players. The athletes use all other body muscles to keep themselves above water when faced with opposition. Arm and leg muscles are also strengthened in this case through swimming and eggbeater motions.

I the socialization aspect, water polo ensures that the player develop a sense of interaction skills. The players are drawn from diverse social settings and background. This ensures that the young boys and girls enrolled in a club offering this game learn from many cultures. Teamwork will also be enhanced, and the children will develop the ability to work as a group without having to harass one another. They also acquire a lifelong skill whereby they can participate in the sport and earn a living.

To learn more about the health and socialization benefits of water polo, parents are encouraged to find a club in their area. This can be done through visiting the USA water Polo website at Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,


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