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A Letter to the Court for Deferred Adjudication

16th January 2012

To the Sentencing Judge,

I am writing to you this day prior to my sentencing hearing scheduled for 30th January 2012. Desolately, I am requesting for your clemency in passing the sentencing and petitioning that your sentence be compassionate and rather than punitive. Kindly take into consideration what I am about to say, as numerous lives will be touched and influenced by your judgment. Your Honor, I do believe that it is in your knowledge that the transgression I am charged with is failure to render aid following a traffic accident. The accident took place approximately a year ago. I accidentally hit the rear end of the car and that car hit another car that was in front of it.

I am aware that, a person who disappears from the accident scene without stopping to assist anyone who may have been injured, or exchanging information with others involved in the accident, may be charged with an offense. I am aware that, the conviction in such a case may almost certainly result in the suspension of the driver’s license. I am also aware that, it may as well subject the wrongdoer to a jail time or a fine. I believe that you should know the circumstances behind my actions in regard to what transpired at the accident scene.

I hold a graduate degree in speech language pathology, and I am currently working as a speech language pathologist at a skilled nursing facility for geriatric population. At the hospital, we usually have approximately 90% inpatient, and 10% out patients. In this hospital, I have gained experience with diverse disorders including articulation, language, autism, cognition, dysphagia, and aphasia.

Allow me to say that I was extremely overwhelmed by events that had earlier transpired at the hospital. I was urgently required at the hospital in order to attend to an emergency situation. I had been informed that, one of the patients in my caseload had developed swallowing and communication difficulties following a stroke. As a first offender, I am genuinely remorseful for my actions. I kindly pled that you may understand that I had no intention to commit the offense. In regard to my current occupation, I trust that I can utilize my proficiency by involving myself in community service or any alternative sentencing. However, I am of the opinion that, an incarceration period for this kind of offense will be detrimental to the patients I devotedly serve as well as my immediate family.

For the past seven years, I have ardently provided for my family as their sole provider, which includes my aging diabetic mother and two children. My mother has several medical problems which I shoulder fervently. Regrettably, I am the only family my mother and my children have. It strikes me that, without my support, this family will suffer emotionally and financially. As a single mother, I am involved in my children’s daily lives. Therefore, my absence in their daily activities will only be a source of unimaginable pain, as well as additional emotional stress.

I kindly beseech your Honor to please, reflect on my letter as you hand down the sentence. I believe that, only you bear the ability to grant me a second opportunity to serve my family, the vulnerable geriatric population at the hospital, and our nation.



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