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A Literary of the play The Glass Menagerie Name Institution Course Instructor Date Abstract This play was authored by Tennessee Williams, and is based on the decline of the South to address sensitive and nostalgic issues surrounding individuals who attempt to lead spiritual, imaginative worlds characterized by tenderness in a world dominated by passion, greed and animal instincts. This document therefore gives a general overview of the play, and discusses the different items incorporated thereby formulating a comprehensive review of its literature. The first scene of the play sets off with the appearance of Tom Wingfield, a future poet who appears from the fire escape of his familys St. Louis Apartment and informs the audience that the play is going to be about his family which includes his mother, Amanda Wingfield, his crippled sister, Laura Wingfield and his father, Mr. Wingfield, an employee with a telephone company who absconded his marital responsibility due to long distance travels and therefore only appears in a photograph as well as a gentle mans caller (Meyer Downs, 2008) The activities in this scene entail Tom entering the apartment where his mother and sister are

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