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Institution Course Tutor Date A Little Commonwealth In his, A Little Commonwealth Family Life in Plymouth Colony, John Demos seeks to underscore the lifestyles of the puritan community in the 17th century. Written close to thirty years ago, the book unearths the way of life of this community in light of different social, legal and economic aspects. To accredit the information presented therein, the author uses a wide range of primary sources including information from diaries, marriage documents and even excavations. The author begins by providing the audience with a brief history about the colony. He provides an explicit analysis of the kind of life populations from England led until 1691 when the lifestyle changed. The book is categorized in three main sections with the first one evaluating the physical setting of the population. Then, the author underscores the household structure of this and finally analyzes the general development of puritans in the 17th century from their childhood to old age. This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the three themes Plymouth material setting, work-home-family relationships, and the 17th century life cycle and seeks to underscore the f

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