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A lot of engineering codes of ethics globally press engineers to consciously put the interest of the public above of all other interests. This appears to operate counter the market ideology that the interest of the public will be attained by the persons chasing their self-interest. The latter ideology is what is in the spirit of sustainable development with its accent on the economic instruments and economic valuation to attain environmental protection (Anon 2008) found out. Policies of sustainable development normally symbolize an economic determinism with regard to the technological changes. It evades ethical issues and assumes that economic and environmental purposes are compatible. Yet currently, engineers are struggling with ethical impasses created by day to day conflicts between the environmental and economic requirements of their profession. In the past disagreement between public interest and self-interest was a rare predicament for the engineers because engineering purposes were more or less synonymous with the human development (Robert 2009). Presently, environmental concerns have established a divergence among employer interest, self-interest, public interest and pro

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