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A Major Baseball League Name Institution 1.0 Introduction In the United States, baseball is generally regarded as a popular national pastime. Around the 1800s, it was played informally but has since evolved to the current state where it is professionally played. Alexander Joy Cartwright, a scientist from New York, contributed significantly to the development of baseball as a sport through the invention of the modern baseball field and rules in 1845 (Bevis, 2008). Over the years it has grown to attract a wide fan-base and in 2011 alone Philadelphia Phillies recorded the highest attendance with 3.7 million people in 162 games. The lowest viewer turn out in the same year was by Oakland Athletics which had a 1.5 million record. In spite of its popularity, little research has been done to establish the benefits it brings as a sport to a community. In light of this, this proposal, seeks to investigate the benefits of establishing a Major Baseball League A-league team in a community. The research problem A community which does not engage its people in a diverse selection of activities towards individual and group development faces many risks. Among some of the risks that they f

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