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Subject Instructor Date Marketing plan A Marketing plan is usually a subset of the general business plan. To be successful in any business, managers must establish a reliable marketing strategy, which serves as the guideline of marketing. Of course, a good marketing plan incorporates several actions. In order for a marketing plan to be viable, a marketing plan must have sound strategic backing by strong corporate objectives. A businesss goals offer the general context of marketing since every business should be sales oriented. It is therefore essential to plan effectively, including incentivising the pay in order to reward and motivate the staff. Aligning marketing duties with the corporate objectives makes an enterprise to provide the desired solution to its customers and this is accompanied by success. The Food Concept Restaurant will be offering the best European and American dishes. The costs of food will be above average. The menus will cover what other common restaurant menu contain and we will offer supportive services like entertainment and other recreation services to all esteemed clients depending on their taste and preferences. There is no doubt that entertainment bri

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