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Media Plan

A media plan are documented objectives, tactics, strategy and resource allocation for a target group. It is the media mix and schedule that are used to get to the target audience/ population(Baron, 12). Little finance and knowhow on the above elements always make reaching a target group tricky. Our organization has always served the purpose of creating convoluted plans aimed at ensuring a great business platform for Indian bikes in the market. Staying in the business for the Indian’s has been an issue since the 1950’s, their chief competition created by the Harley Davidson.

Marketing Plan


This plan will innovatively aim at people who are utilized to the conventional media, people born after the war, and bring back the Indian Cruisers to their level of dominance.


Our advertisement target markets, in order to advance, will include three market occasions. Such are Bicycle week in Daytona Shoreline, FL on the first week of walk. There are also the Sturgis Bicycle Week in Sturgis, ND on the first week of August, in Daytona Shoreline, FL on the third week of October.

Company History

Indian Motorbike Assemblies is a producer of bikes based in Springfield, Massachusetts. They have been the main rival of Harley Davidson since 1903; it is the second most seasoned bike mark in the U.S. in the previous times, they were the largest producer of bikes globally.

Media Target

Our organization, in this agreement, will try to meet the following objectives;

To create a familiarity zone with the Indian Cruisers but keep budgeting within the $18dollar funding

To create the Indian Cruisers reemergence into business, with backing through the whole year of 2009

Focus on the forty to forty-five aged people with a pay pack of sixty thousand dollars.

Keep up attention to the item by arriving at X percent of the of the target market after presentation of the commodity.

Use media that will successfully impart the delight of owning an Indian cruiser

Media Strategy

We aim to concentrate on magazines and radio as an essential to create mindfulness for the target market.

Cooperate Analysis

Red Wing Motorbike

The cooperate was started by the Rock Legend, Steven Tyler. The Red Wing Motorbikes are currently sold at the Pritt-Harley Davidson and Berkeley-Harley Davidson franchises. With an overall decided target to be ‘a new brand to change the business sector’, they started offering bicycles in 2007. They promote that each bicycle is hand marked by Steven Tyler, a factor that has turned them into a significant player the business market. Their target group is of a higher age bunch with high wages.

Buell Motorbikes

This is an American bike maker located in east Troy, Wisconsin. It was established by ex-Harley Davidson engineer, Erik Buell. In 1993, the cooperate branded with Harley-Davidson and turned entirely in a subsidiary/ possession of the Harley by 1998. The Buell Motorbikes are known more for their dashing bikes than the road bikes. They have worked solely on the “Sportster” and other hustling or “groin rocket” style bicycles since they joined with the HD. Their center, which is essentially game bicycles, make them match our auxiliary target group(Baron and Scissors, 25).

NSU Motorenwerke AG

This is a German organization that was purchased out by the Volkswagen in 1969. The NSU group, arrived in the U.S at their prime, when the HD was hitting low. From 1955 into the 70’s, they held the position of the biggest maker in the U.S., after which they have not had an impact or accomplishment in the U.S. market. It is because of the emergence of stiff competition from other motorbike producers.

Target Market

Primary Target Audience

Indian Bikes has an outstandingly not the same number of customers as its significant rival Harley Davidson because of its costly item base. Indian shoppers are composed of white married men of between the ages of forty to fifty-five; they might be having young families back at home. They might appear as though they are a piece of Consistent American Centre; these are shoppers whose annual net salary might not be less than sixty thousand dollars. In most cases, these shoppers are professional experts. Quite a number work in Corporate America is holding managerial position. Largely, they are not so much outgoing. However, they do adore leisure and travel activities that are both associated with the rich status.

Secondary Target Audience

A second market that has buyer potential has been distinguished due to a wide base of Indian Bikes that engage a couple of bunches of different male age brackets. It comprises of white male of ages between thirty-five to forty, married or single, and may have an adolescent troop.Though they might appear as if they are part of a piece of Standard Centre America, normally, these are men whose annual income is not less than sixty thousand dollars.

Media Objectives

Media objectives are usually part of a four staged standard media plan that includes stating the objectives, establishing a budget, assessing the media choosing and implementing the choices(Bythe, 67-71). This plan has an objective of reaching out to the target group. Considering the high population of America, The advertisement on the reemergence of the Indian Bikes will appear on four Television Programs in including ESPN(180, 190, 161). Others are the History Channel (173, 158, 170), Speed (162, 214, 163), and Travel (143, 105, 127).Each program has an average rating of 20. Using the four programs results in accumulation of 80gross points. Their combined reach is therefore 40%There are also a higher likelihood/ chances that viewers of may also see any of the reading programs. 400 people are more inclined to be exposed to one or more television programs in a population that has 1000 television sets. GRPs for a program where the advert becomes visible X the frequency the advert runs.Using one schedule in all four programs for the commercial can help determine the frequency of the ad. 170homes watch only one program, 110homes view 2programs, and 70 watch three programs while 50 household view every program. The number of programs watched by every household add up to 800. Hence 400 households will be exposed to 800 commercials.The above procedure also applies to the radio. This is based on the assumption that the people watching the television programs will also listen to the radio. The radio, however, have a broadened base. For example, All News(117)WCOA, Pensacola has 70,000potential listeners, and 30,000 hear a commercial, an average of 43%. In this regard, Indian Cruisers will be able to realize its aim of bouncing back into the business.Continuity that entails the timing of the media assertions, will create the following trend; 15%in October, 25%in November, 45%in December and 10% for the rest of the year. The reason for such a high percentage in December is because most people are on Holiday. Considering that the target brand of audience of people aged between forty and forty-five will create a 60%sales derivative, the aim of this campaign is to raise the brand experience by 30%among them. The campaign will reach 1million in 12 markets using TV, radio, newspaper and magazines as well as social media.

Media Choices

TV Channels

To achieve our target market, we have decided to make the most use of link systems and particular TV day advertisements/ parts. It would promote and expand familiarity with the Indian Cruiser brand towards the end of the year in creating grounds for the arrival of the item into business in 2015 as per the plan. The quantities of the day parts and the link systems will be recorded in the following accompanying command: 45-54, 35-44, 55-64.The most conventional inside our target will be accompanying link systems and TV day parts as illustrated below:


History Channel(173,158,170)


Travel Channel(143,105,127)

Discovery(132,132,117)Day Parts

Mon-Fr i8PM-9PM(492, 451, 335)

Mon-Fri 9PM10PM (489, 454, 345)

Mon-Fri 10PM-11PM (474, 428, 321)

Radio Stations

We plan to center on the encompassing ranges of bicycle occasions in utilizing these radio stations. Our specific aim is to build a consciousness of Indian’s vicinity at the occasions. Our choice of radio stations, based on the kinds of radio that our target group listens to are:

All News (117) WCOA, Pensacola,

FL ClassicFM(158)WJGL, Jacksonville, FL


There are magazines that have a high record within our essential target business sector range, but also with high files in the optional and tertiary target age ranges too. Such are the magazines that we have chosen. We have advertised with these magazines amid the months preceding significant bicycle occasions in the United States. Through the advertisements, we trust, we will gather more backing for the advancements we want to run amid the occasions of Bicycle Week in Daytona, Sturgis, and Bicycle tober.


We intend to use paper that is more inclined to achieve our side spread demographic. The USA Nowadays is a top rated paper in America with a normal routine audience of 6,275, 497. Due to its achievement of a great reader base and general substance, it becomes the ideal choice for this intended purpose. The Divider Road Diary with a reader base of 5,063,751 would help achieve the purposes with a perfect measure of disposal wage to discover our item an appealing speculation. It is a paper of decisions for experts and speculators much the same. The paper that we intend to use for this particular purpose should have a big reading base that is also steeped into our target group(Carter and McGoldrick, 56).


Boards are to be placed in high activity regions in the weeks paving the way to and amid Bicycle Week, Bicycle to berfestand Sturgis Bicycle Week. This is specifically aimed at utilizing the boards viably. We will publicize all mid-year in North Carolina since it is the head office. To alarm newcomers and voyages that cruisers are accessible in the range and to help inhabitants remember their vicinity, boards will be put in closeness to Indian Dealership in the end.

Flow Chart

Radio Stations charge an average of $50 per advertisement compared other media that charge an average of $100 per advertisement. Their lower charges make more organization advertise with them. Radios are cheap and portable and hence the Radio stations are reachable to almost everyone. Our organization aims at using radios majorly as promotional media for the Indian Bike Cruisers for this reason.When an advert is relayed, so many people get it, but only a few of the targeted audience might get it(Carter and Mcgoldrick, 89-93). So the target coverage index should always be greater than the message index. Because the message does not reach 100% of the target group, it is important to record the projected number of coverage more than the projected reach of people.It is crucial to consider the budgeting cost of the advertisement while preparing the advertisement flow chart. The total cost of the advertisement should fall within the budgeting cost to avoid overstraining the company. The cost of our advertisement in this case is $55,400.00 while the budgeted cost is $60,000.00. A firm should prepare an advertisement flowchart that that has very low costs compared to the budgeted costs, but the ratio should not go below 50%. In this case, the firm has a ratio of 55400/60000* 100%= 992.33%. This means that the low chart, at almost 100%, is within the budget.Most of the target audience are working people who are mostly only available after work. The flow chart, therefore, should place most of the advertisements during the evening news in Channel TVs.


With the aim of reaching 150million adults within a year, the media campaign will run from January 2014 to January 2015. The client aims to spend $2,000,000 for the campaign. In magazines, the campaign will advertise 72ads. Because there are two magazines chosen for this campaign, each magazine will, therefore, run 36ads. With the exception of July, The People’s magazine will run advertisements throughout the year. Fifty thousand dollars will be spent in circulating four advertisements in the months of January, February, March, April, May, June subsequently then September, October, November and December.TV cables will take a total of 144 ads in the months of January, February, March, July, August, September, October, November and December. The total cost of these TV cable-ads will be 300,000 dollars.Personnel department will also be included in the resource budget. Their salaries and wages will consume a total of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Sixty thousand dollars go to the worker benefits, same as the payroll taxes and commission payments and bonuses, sixty thousand dollars each. That makes a total of one hundred and eighty thousand dollars. The total amount spent on the personnel will be four hundred and twenty thousand dollars.To determine the best campaign ad, research must be carried out(Blythe, 19). The primary research that takes place at the beginning of the campaign will cost around one hundred thousand dollars. Secondary research that goes hand in hand with the media campaign is for the purpose of monitoring the impact of the campaign on the intended market. The cost will be around forty thousand dollars. Research materials are kept in the library. Expenses that will cover for the services of a professional librarian will be twenty thousand dollars.Branded items and branding company cars with the product’s name will cost approximately one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. An interactive website will also be used in the campaign to maintain an online presence. The services of Smartweb, the company that has been identified for this purpose, will cost fifty thousand dollars. There will also be direct marketing that will include road shows and direct sales. This will cost thirty thousand dollars.There will also be internet marketing that will also involve the use of the social media for a period of four running months. The cost for achieving this will be twenty thousand dollars.Focus on the public makes it necessary to have a public relations advisor. Purposel, this is done to ensure that the prepared ads have relevant content that is agreeable to the target audience. There will also organize events that will include family fun day and a town cleaning exercise. Posters and flyers for the campaign will also be prepared to cost one hundred thousand dollars. The community programs that the campaign aims at sponsoring will cost a total of ten thousand dollars.Advertisement on the two newspapers in the months of March and September on a daily routine will cost, and on the radio stations will cost a total of four hundred thousand dollars. Training of staff in communications will cost approximately twenty thousand dollars. Incentives for the channels involved in the advertisements will cost twenty thousand dollars. Cost of buying computers and other equipment will cost fifty thousand dollars. Other costs will arise from postages of letters, telephone communication and travel. Such will cost a total of sixty thousand dollars.Telemarketing and fun fairs to ensure maximum exposure will cost sixty thousand dollars. Forty thousand dollars will be used in setting up a customers’ loyalty scheme to ensure that the customer retention remains high.

Cited Works

Baron, B. Roger, and Sissors, Z. Jack. Advertising media planning. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited. Print.

Blythe, J. Essentials of Marketing, Harlow: Pearson Education Limited. 2005. Print.

Carter, B., and McGoldrick, M. The expanded family cycle. Individual family and social perspectives. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. 2009.

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