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Labor Laws Name Affiliation Question 1 A mentally disabled person, who cannot read, but looks physically perfect, was not hired by an organization for the position of a data entry officer. The mentally disabled person sued the organization. Who do you think will win the case and why The Equality Act 2010 of UAE protects mentally disabled peoples individuals from being discriminated in their ordinary lives. This incorporates numerous individuals with a mental sickness. Discrimination contrasted with other individuals is against the laws of UAE. In the event that you have been discriminated as in the above case, it is considered that you are being victimized. The Equality Act 2010 clarifies what mentally disabled peoples are. According to te above case, the person is privilege to get your head honcho to roll out improvements to his case since the law defends him (Zoubeidi et al,. 2010). The Equality Act protects the person from discrimination at work and when you are requisitioning occupations as shown in the above case example. It additionally ensures you when you utilize administrations. No one ought to be victimized in view of their psychological wellness when getting to lodgin

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