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Digital Dashboard

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A mock-up screen of a “digital dashboard” for a diabetes disease surveillance system

Diabetes creates a lot concern in public health because its association to serious infections and death. A computer monitored surveillance system provides essential information that assist health specialists in monitoring treads and disease burden, implementing, planning, and coming up with necessary preventive and control measures (Brachman,, 2001). A medical digital dashboard surveillance system is a computerized interactive tool used in hospitals to ascertain the status of operations in a health centre. Such a system was used in the surveillance of Influenza disease with specific designs according to the public health requirements (Cheng et al, 2011). The system assists in displaying various hospital management operations taking place in a healthcare center. The diagram below shows a mock-up screen of a digital dashboard for a diabetes surveillance system. In addition, the next diagram shows a framework for the digital dashboard by specific application to diabetes surveillance.

Figure 1: Mock-up screen of a digital dashboard for diabetes surveillance.

A framework for the display of data, using appropriate interactive graphics, symbols, and words

The mock-up screen will have three elements. The data input section where all the information about a patient will be put online or under the supervision of a physician. The data input device may include a personal computer or an internet enabled mobile phone. The patient is required to register his or her details in a computer. Secondly, the data fed in the surveillance system will be processed and stored in the computer hardware. The information is stored in various servers where it is easily accessible. Finally, the information requires to be delivered to the public health specialists for analysis. Specialists will get the information from the public health website and make the necessary report on Diabetes surveillance (Chen, Zeng & Yan, 2010).


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