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A Model of Charismatic Leadership Name Instructor Course Date According to Sandberg and Moreman (2011) leadership is an attribution that people make about other individuals. A lot of literature on leadership has been developed. Available literature on this subject has focused on the personal traits that characterize leadership, the relationship between leaders and followers and the conditions that positively impact on leadership. This paper focuses on charismatic leadership. Leadership Leadership research has a range of definitions. Krech and Cruthcield (1948) defines leadership as the focus of group processes. This definition positions a leader as the nucleus for integrating group activity. This central position allows a leader to coordinate all the activities that occur in an organizational setting. Leadership is also viewed as a personality and its effects. Following this definition a leader could viewed as a person who is more than ordinarily efficient in carrying psychosocial stimuli to others. The third school of thought tends to view leadership as an art of inducing compliance. Following this dentition, a leader should be able to induce a subordinate to behave in a de

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