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A movie, She is a Man

Shakespeare is one of the great play write in history; His numerous plays have received recognition all over the world, as a result many of his original plays have been showcased all over the world by different casts. Some of his plays have been adapted and changed in to very successful movies. This paper will analyze the success of the movie “She is a Man”, which is an adaptation of the play Twelfth Night, in terms of character development, Editing of text, themes, language, addition or removal of characters, and also the editing of the original text.

She is a Man is a movie that premiered in the year 2006, some of the starring actors include; David Cross, Channing Tatum, Vinnie Jones, Amanda Bynes, and Laura Ramsey. The story revolves around Viola, and her attempts to become to become a huge soccer player. When her girls’ soccer team is cut off she decides to masquerade herself as her twin brother by the name of Sebastian. Viola resolves to masquerade as his brother who has apparently left for London to join the boys’ team at his new boarding school as well as join a rock band. She does her best and proves that she can play soccer just like the boys, in the end she falls for her roommate by the name of Duke. Duke is interested in Olivia and asks for the help of Viola to win her heart; on the other hand Malcolm is determined to have Olivia’s affection.

In terms of plot, the movie has fully adopted the plot of the original play by Shakespeare; the theme of the screen play is also the same as the one from the original play as they both revolve around determination. The screen play has a lot of very weird supporting characters, who does a good work in supporting the main actors; just like the original play the movie puts a lot of emphasis on the supporting cast as they are vital to the success of the story. While in the original play the brother and sister are involved in a ship wreck in the screen play the brother leaves for London. The characters names in the screen play are also similar to the one in the original play.

The dialogue in the screen play is not as sparkling as in the original text, but it is also quite hilarious. Some of the dialogues from the original text were edited to conform to the modern day scenario, and the scenes changed a bit. Some of the characters from the original play such as Malvolio the servant is done away with and replaced with Malcolm.


Shakespeare was a great play write, whose plays have been adored by many around the world, due to the quality and themes of the plays written by him most of them have been turned in to movies. “She is a Man,” is a good example of an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play. The play was a great adaptation of the play Twelfth Night. This can be ascertained from the various aspects of the movie from the theme, characters, and even the plot of the play which is very similar to the ones from the original play. Despite the elimination of some characters the screen play is still a success.

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