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Instructor Course Date A Myth for the Contemporary Man Walter Anderson found Poetry in very interesting circumstances a walk around the beach where the rays of the sun hit in the morning those little rays that curled round his feet made his poetry. On the swampy bayous bank, a mocking bird fairy charmed an alligator dragon while a masked raccoon in the water ceremoniously washed his breakfasts edge aster- starred shadows. He not only found the Lily pads he was looking for but also found gold. In autumnal glory a sumac bush fed his spirit. Indeed, it is an incredible thing to live in metaphor and to get the metaphor transformed into images that contain immense power. It becomes even extraordinary and mythical at that if metaphor is used to move other peoples lives (Anderson 60). Today I saw strange things which made me walk through fire. I also heard the fairy where Para Banon was singing to the dragon the most striking of all is that I saw a junior prophet make an offering amongst the stars. I looked for Lily pads and found them as well as yellow daisies of weird new types. I saw the once again the brining bush and warmed my heart with its fire (Anderson 62) Today, Andersons r

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