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Course Institution Instructor Date A National Minimum Vacation Question 1 The tenth paragraph provides a causal chain on the effectiveness of the four weeks paid vacation to improving the productivity of individual workers for increased happiness. There are however other outright links within the chain as identified by Reichs argument where critics would reason that the four week vacations would be more costly in jobs. The causative argument here is that while people are out on vacations, they are less involved in productive activities and thus this implies overall productivity would be lowered. Nevertheless, Reich fails to acknowledge the relevance of the argument and in defense establishes a causative chain where he reasons that vacations are instrumental in facilitating development if recreation industry. People on vacation would require the services of hotels, travel, recreation as well as restaurants, which means that this would be creation of jobs. According to Reich therefore, increasing the vacation time would increase demand to such services as are provided by the players within the hotel and recreation industry hence increasing their productivity. This shows that prolon

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