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Case Study

A new sun care protection called spray-on sunscreen has been invented and is targeted to be sold to Hispanic women. In order to achieve the target, there is a need for the firm involved to come up with an integrated marketing campaign that includes the key strategies that enhance effective entry of a product to the targeted market. Precisely, the firm should adopt a marketing strategy that includes the use of ethnic media, social media sites and the traditional media.

The use of ethnic media involves strategies that are meant to address a particular ethnic group or a particular group within a given ethnic community. It will be vital for the firm involved in marketing the new spray-on screen product to use the strategy when marketing it to Hispanic women (Shaw, 2012). Firstly, the firm should design the product in a way that it appeals to the Hispanic women. For instance, the color of the product and its packaging materials should appeal to them. The firm can also add pictures of Hispanic women on the packaging materials (Shaw, 2012). As well, the campaigns carried out using other forms of media should display Hispanic women who have a light skin as a result of using the new product. In adopting the approach, the firm will increase the possibility that the product will be welcomed by the targeted consumer group, particularly Hispanic women (Shaw, 2012). In addition, the products, their displays and marketing should be designed in a way that they appeal to women aged between 18 and 25 years. For instance, most women aged between 18 and 255 years are in colleges. Thus, the firm can improve the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns through promoting the product to college students.

As well, the firm should make effective use of the traditional media. In particular, the firm can advertise the new product to Hispanic women through traditional forms of media such as television, newspapers and radios. However, the firm can only use this strategy if it gets a sponsor for advertisements since there is no budget for paid advertisements. In case the firm uses such forms of media, the firm should use forms of media that are commonly used by Hispanic women (Shaw, 2012). As such, the firm should do research to asses the forms of media or media types used by the Hispanic women (Shaw, 2012). In addition, the firm can make magazines containing detailed information about the new product and put them in strategic points where Hispanic women buy their beauty products or other products.

Lastly, the traditional and ethnic media can be augmented through the use of social media. As a result of internet evolution, effective channels of advertising products via the internet and interacting closely with consumers have emerged. For instance, social sites, such as Twitter and FaceBook have emerged, which provide platforms for social communication and networking with consumers (Shaw, 2012). The firm can make use of such sites through creating accounts or forums and offering information about the new product to the viewers. The firm should invite the women to express their perception of the product and seek any information from the firm (Shaw, 2012). In addition, the firm can develop a website or a blog and display the new products and its details to the viewers. Such internet sites offer an ample opportunity to communicate closely with the targeted consumer groups and invite them to try the new products. In short, the firm should integrate the three forms of media to market the new product to Hispanic women.


Shaw, E. (2012). Marketing strategy: From the origin of the concept to the development of a

conceptual framework. Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 4(1), 30–55

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