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This case study will review the condition of a recent patient, explain how I came to the conclusions in my assessment of her condition, and provide my diagnosis and recommended course of treatment for her pain when it became apparent this was a key priority. My analysis will focus on a forty one year old woman who was on the surgical ward during my clinical rotation as a student nurse. She had just undergone a modified radical mastectomy. Two months prior to the operation, a biopsy had revealed a ductile carcinoma of the right breast. In addition, a review of her medical history uncovered the fact that she had had a previous bout with cancer at 13 when doctors discovered Hodgkins lymphoma that was subsequently treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. From that point on she remained relatively healthy and stated there was no family history of breast cancer. As part of a multi-disciplinary team (Improving Outcomes in Breast Cancer Manual Update, National Institute for Clinical Excellence), my first priority was to conduct a thorough examination to assess her current condition and then provide the appropriate care as indicated from my holistic assessment of her needs. Assessment i

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