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A pandemic flu is sweeping the nation Student Name Institution Affiliation The issue of pandemic flu has been becoming serious especially given that it is sweeping the nation. It is even worse given the situation at hand within the US Army Corps of Engineers. The US Corps of Engineers stands out to be one of the largest public engineering as well as design and construction management organizations in the world. Apart from these roles, the agency is part of national defense, an implication that the effect of the flu has to be curtailed. To go one with its mission over the next two weeks, a plan has to be structured. The first step with this plan is to structure ways of preventing further infections. This decision is important given that flu spreads almost faster than any other disease ( , 2014). The few remaining workers should be isolated from the already infected workforce. This would reduce the effect of the flu. A significant percentage of the workforce would be available to keep the organizations mission going. The infected workforce could work from home or any other centers where they feel comfortable. This requirement would need a change in technology wher

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