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Tutor Course Date of submission A Passage to India Film Review Introduction A passage to India is a dramatized film of a novel of the same title by E. M. Forster that was published in 1924. The film, which was released in 1984, was written and directed by David Lean. It addresses issues that came up during the British Raj (era of colonization in India) (Phillips, 2006). It addresses issues such as British imperialism, racial tensions, evils of colonialism, misuse of the law and sexual repression of the era. Although some major issues that occurred during the colonial era are not explicit, the film clearly reflects the relationship that existed between the Britons and the locals in India (Phillips, 2006). Discussion A Passage of India presents a story of a young woman, Ms Adela Quested and her elderly companion, Mrs. Moore who decide to move from Britain to Chandrapore to see the real India, which is widely perceived as a land of Mystery and a land of riches. After arriving in India, they are welcomed by Mrs. Moores son, Ronny, who works as British magistrate in India (Phillips, 2006). However, after arriving in India, the two are disappointed to find that there is no change from

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