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A performance measurement baseline for the project MS Project A performance measurement baseline is one of the most valued time-phased tools used in project management. Its set standard application enables the evaluation of project performance to determine whether variances exist based on the original plan of the project (Taylor, 2008). The baseline is to incorporate different significant elements categorized into schedule, scope, and cost baselines. The baseline also incorporates operational and financial activities in the project. For the project, the PMB will be the time-phased schedule involving all the tasks to be accomplished, the task budgeted cost and the organizational elements to produce the assigned deliverables (Taylor, 2008). The performance measurement baseline to be used in the project will be a schedule and cost baseline with a core element. As a collection of the project packages, the baseline will define the deliverables set to fulfill the required business capabilities. This will also include an estimated duration and project effort for every task package and the resources necessary for producing the deliverables. The deliverables will contain the business valu

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