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Institution Course Tutor Date A Personal Experience Nothing can be as painful as the death of a loved one. It was a chilly and cold day in September last year when my grandmother asked me to accompany her to visit my ailing grandfather in hospital. The wind was strong and the snow was falling heavily. For the previous couple of weeks, my grandfather had not been feeling very well. He was hospitalized and everyday my grandmother talked about it, the tone suggested that the disease grandfather was suffering from was incurable (Bahn 37). The situation was truly fatalist and the pain grandfather experienced was insufferable. We arrived at the hospital at two in the afternoon and proceeded to his ward. On entering the hospital, I felt weird feelings and wondered the cause of these. When I entered the room, I saw grandfathers face but it looked unusual (Robben 51). His head had been titled on one side and the expression on his face was not only sad but also desperate. He did not say any word to me but rather gave me an indescribable stare. Immediately, I walked up to him, kissed him and asked him how he was fairing on. When he started answering, he only stuttered (Westphal and Levens

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