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Education refers to the learning processes involved in acquiring information. It is divided into two broad categories formal education which is attained from institutions such as schools and informal/self taught education which is achieved through ones life experience. Formal learning takes place in classroom settings and teachers are charged with the responsibilities of providing the curriculum according to the accepted plan of how learning should be conducted. Education equips an individual with basic life skills and advanced skills that are useful in ones survival as well as making them more attractive than others in the job market. Education process begins when an individual is in the mothers womb and continues throughout his life. Discussion Education is concerned with the future. It focuses on growth and development of all sectors of life even if one is studying issues of the past. Learning lays much emphasis on the conscious world, and as a result it entails all the activities intended to stimulate the thinking capability of individuals fostering their learning (Gibbs Habeshaw, 2001). For ed

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