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The use of animals in scientific experiments is one of the major controversies facing the society today. It has led to the formation of many theories about the place of humankind in relation to animals and nature. There are many people who support the use of animals in scientific experimentation just as there are those who strongly oppose the practice. In my opinion unnecessary experiments that do not benefit humans or animals in any way should never be condoned. However, I strongly support the use of animals in research experiments that are beneficial to the health of either humans or animals, and which are conducted with great caution to avoid inflicting unnecessary pain or agony to the animals. While arguing in support of animal experimentation, Fox (1986) states that the fact that animals can suffer, although morally significant because it gives animals the status of moral recipients, is not by itself a sufficient ground on which to accord them equal moral status with humans (p. 70). I absolutely agree with Fox on the premise that animals are not of the same moral status as human beings which means that we are not morally restrained from using animals for beneficial purposes.

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