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The purpose of this paper will be to explore a possible research program related to substandard housing and its effects on the children. In this paper I will discuss the problem, literature found pertaining to the subject, proposed methodology to include study design, population, sampling methods, data collect, variable, data analysis, and limitations of the study. Problem Statement The overriding goal of the public health sector and all its stakeholders is to prevent disease and promote health, a universal mission that Stover and Bassett (2003) note concerns all the multiple parties involved in public health. However, substandard housing may be detracting from the achievement of public healths noble goals in disease prevention and health promotion. The statistics on poor housing in the U.S. are alarming, with 6.1 million households living in overcrowded conditions while one out of every seven poverty-stricken families lived in extremely inadequate housing by 2004 (Joint Center for Housing Studies, 2013). With increasing wealth gaps and no recovery in housing cost burdens as of 2013, the quality of housing must have deteriorated significantly (Joint Center for Housing Studies, 201

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