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A Pragmatic Approach to Conducting a Successful Benchmarking Expedition Case of Dubai Holding Group Your name Institutional Affiliations Benchmarking expedition/visit- a continuous, systematic procedure for evaluating products, services, and work procedures of organizations that are recognized as representing best practices for the purpose of organizational enhancement- is a key factor towards improving and production of an organization. However, in spite of its significance to the organizations benchmarking is very costly and can lead to poor results or information if not well planned. In order to achieve accurate results, benchmarking ought to be planned for well before, during and after visiting (Simmy Zairi, 2008). According to Simmy Zairi (2008), early preparation is of great importance when planning for benchmarking visit. This has been of immense significance to organizations in United Arab Emirates, specifically Human Appeal International (HAI). HAI is a charitable, humanitarian, non-governmental organization that was established in 1984 and works in the field of charity. In order to improve its performance and competitiveness, Human Appeal International (HAI) as been

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