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A Preschool Classroom in Action

A person goes through various stages before reaching maturity. As growth takes place, both internal and external factors, influence the development of an individual in one way or the other. The environment forms a major component of the external factors. The environment where growth and development takes place does not only include physical surroundings, but also the events, activities and experiences in the life of a child.

The childhood stage of growth and development is majorly the time when a child is trying to understand the world and how to relate with and or to it. Therefore, there is a lot of adjustment to the environment taking place. In addition, most children learn by observation, relationship with the same environment, and exploring with others through playing activities. However, due to the many variations in what the environment has to offer, depending on an individual’s setting, these processes take place in different ways (Saracho & Spodek, 2006 ).

The immediate physical environment of a child needs to be well equipped to enhance healthy development so that a well groomed and all rounded child grows to adulthood. It should be well furnished with a variety of play equipments that will improve on the child’s strengths, supply their needs and nurture the interests of the young ones into well built careers. The provision of the play materials should take into account all these factors. In addition, to enhance creativity, a few materials need to be omitted so that the children can fix them in their own way. An instructor’s presence is very important since the child’s progress needs to be monitored and improved.

Robert Recio’s classroom contains most of the equipment that are necessary for an ideal preschool classroom. The play games and tools available help in the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of a child. In addition it provides an avenue for the students to discover and develop their talents. The presence of a teacher in the whole play lesson ensures that the development of a child is well monitored to avoid development related behavior disorders in the future of a child.

Physical environment can really affect the growth of a child. Access to primary health care, for example, determines to a larger extent the future health condition of a child and its ability to contract some diseases. The way a child socializes with the peers, and or in addition to the interaction level with he family influences greatly on how its relationships in the future will be. Other factors such as; the provision of basic needs, living standards and conditions, cultural values and beliefs play a big role in affecting one’s development(Saracho & Spodek, 2006 ).

Teachers play a central role in helping the young ones go through a healthy growth ‘program’. With the difference in learners, there is the need to understand the problems children experience and de-mystify these problems for them. In addition, teachers need to nourish their own executive and professional skills since they are dealing daily with challenging tasks that require a lot of expertise (Chickie-Wolfe & Harvey, 2007). Due to the nature of such a task, teachers need to adopt a strategy which stresses a positive outlook and have fun with the children.

In conclusion, the development of a human being is very critical especially at the childhood stage. It therefore calls for careful attention from the teachers the type of play diet they expose children to as this plays a major role in influencing their behavior patterns in future.

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